Reasonable Accommodation

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The University affirms its commitment to provide equal educational services and opportunities to students with disabilities, in accordance with the provisions of law.

Reasonable accommodation services are provided through the Coordinator of Services to Students with Disabilities (CSEI), located in the University Counseling Center. The student must request services on a voluntary basis.

We invite you to contact us for orientation.

Important definitions according to the laws that cover people with disabilities.

REASONABLE MODIFICATION – any modification or adjustment to a program of study or physical environment that will enable a student with a disability to enjoy equal opportunity to demonstrate academic achievement, participate in programs and benefits, and enjoy academic life.

PERSON WITH DISABILITY – is any person who has a physical, cognitive, mental, or sensory impairment that substantially limits one or more essential life activities; or who has a history or medical record of physical, mental, or sensory impairment; or is regarded as having a physical, mental, or sensory impairment, as provided by law.

PERSON WITH A QUALIFIED DISABILITY – a student who with or without reasonable modification can perform the functions related to the academic program in which he/she is enrolled in order to complete it satisfactorily.

Instructions for Requesting Reasonable Accommodation

Your VIRTUAL APPLICATION is available on our university page, in the Student Life/Counseling Center/Reasonable Accommodation area.

1. Start your request for reasonable accommodation for the term (You must use your University’s email:

Click on the appropriate application:



Enter your institutional email (user) (example: and your password.

Due to the sensitivity of the information, we use the institutional email to ensure confidentiality.


2. Complete all parts of the form. If the form is not completed on its entirety, the system will not allow you to submit it.

3. If your request for reasonable accommodation requires to submit additional documents:

Press «upload» and locate the document in your computer, then add it to the application. After attaching the document, press «SUBMIT» to complete the submission process.

4. Once submitted, your request will be processed within a few business days and a certification for reasonable accommodation will be issued. Please share the certification with your professors.


All of your professors must sign the certification. The signed certification must be returned TO THE UNIVERSITY ORIENTATION CENTER through the link it was received from.


If you use an email that does not end with or have issues submitting the document, please contact us at 787-891-0925, EXT. 2728, 2723




Lcdo. Waldemar García Guzmán, MSS, LRC
Tel. (787) 891-0925 Ext. 2723 or 2728