Principios y Valores Cristianos Ecuménicos

Escuela Antolina Vélez - Inter Aguadilla

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Ecumenical Christian Values and Principals

We believe in God as a Supreme Being

God is the Supreme Being that created everything that exists. His power and presence are manifested in his Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit that guides our community of faith.

We believe in Jesus Christ

We accept that the apostolic tradition of the Scriptures recognizes and accepts Jesus as decisive, determinant, and normative for the relationship between human beings and God, fellow man, family and society. Being our Savior and Mediator of Humanity, it is our commitment to continue fortifying the convergence of all Christians by means of our faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe in Life

We assert that life is a gift from God. We encourage each human being to value their lives in order to give the best of themselves to our country, family and society. We promote the preservation of life, and to do this we promote a Christian conscience in education.

We believe in Family

We believe the family is the vital social core where the first values that form a person are acquired. We pledge to reinforce such values, following biblical foundations, that help each human being reach a plentiful life extending this to their loved ones.

We believe in Service

We state our ecumenical Christian ideal, dedicating our efforts to renovating and asserting service to our country, society, family and neighbor.

We believe in the Identity of the Community of Christian Faith

We state that the conviction of being a Christian implies knowledge and obedience to the Word of God. Each person can identify and commit to their particular Church and Christian community.

We believe in an Integral Education

Our ecumenical Christian position provides an opening towards society, science and technology with an integral mentality, respectful attitude, and moral conduct consonant to our values. We encourage the integral education of every person, so they can implement their vocation in a responsible manner, moral conduct and a productive manifestation in their community. We are a superior educational community in search of the truth in a free environment, by means of a mature academic life that guarantees the freedom of genuine discovery.

We believe in the Commitment with our Neighbor

We believe that being a Christian means having and manifesting a commitment with service to our neighbors based on love and not dominance of society. It is to inspire friendship, solidarity, tolerance and compassion beyond any human barrier.

 We believe in the Study of Christian Religion

We promote the study of the Christian Religion as an academic discipline integrated in all the academic subject areas. We will continue to strengthen the development of the Christian academic program, providing all the students with opportunities to acquire an understanding of the Christian faith and its implications for our culture.