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Centro Informática y Telecomunicaciones

The Aguadilla Campus of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico began its work as an auxiliary center for the San Germán Campus in 1957, in the old Aguadilla High School. In 1960, it relocated its facilities and began to offer secretarial and business administration courses, as well as the two-year study program to obtain the Normal Teacher Certificate. In 1965 it became a Regional College and in 1985 it inaugurated the structural complex at the Aguadilla Calero Sector. Then, in 1991 it became a Campus, through a resolution approved by the Board of Trustees.

Our academy began an upward development becoming one of the most prestigious university campuses and one of the greatest contributions to the social, economic and cultural growth of the western area. The Aguadilla Campus offers the student body and the surrounding communities the opportunity to participate in activities that enrich our town life.
In 2002, the construction of the Information and Telecommunications Center was completed, providing the university community with opportunities to use technology as part of their personal and professional development.

With a progressive vision in the field of higher education, Distance Education Office was established in 2007, to integrate online courses that are dynamic, agile and effective, for students with various personal and professional responsibilities.



The mission of the Aguadilla Campus of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico is the integral formation of its students, through an education of excellence, within an ecumenical Christian context, at all levels of formal education, with an emphasis on ethical, civic, democratic and Christian values.

Graduates are expected to possess extensive scientific, humanistic, and technical knowledge. Likewise, that they are trained for the critical analysis of reality. They will develop as responsible individuals, committed to the environment, at the service of an interdependent, pluralistic and global community, and capable of adapting to change.

In keeping with this purpose, academic areas will be strengthened, giving special attention to interdisciplinary education, distance education in its virtual component, with national and international scope and projection, and the integration of technology in all areas of knowledge. These will be developed through an articulated management of institutional operations and resources, in accordance with political, economic, social, technological, environmental and cultural changes, within a universal context.


  • Promote a positive and stimulating university environment that contributes to the integral formation of students, the full development of human resources and the practice of ethical and democratic values ​​in a Christian-ecumenical framework.
  • Provide a holistic education for the development of graduates with adequate oral and written communication skills, capable of proper performance in the social, cultural and professional sphere, respectful of human beings and nature.
  • Provide an updated academic offer at all levels of formal education, in face-to-face and distance modalities, that responds to the aspirations of the student population and the needs of the community.
  • Facilitate the training and professional development of the faculty by fostering their commitment to academic excellence.
  • Promote creativity and research to strengthen the quality of teaching, knowledge creation, curriculum innovation and support teaching-learning activities.
  • Seek greater efficiency and effectiveness in teaching, in student support services and university management, in accordance with institutional regulations, the use of technology and the development of human resources.
  • Promote the implementation and participation in community projects and cooperative education programs, in collaboration with public and private entities, that contribute to updating the academic offer and stimulate the initiative and student leadership.

Institutional Christian-ecumenical Values ​

  • We believe in God as Supreme Being
  • we believe in Jesus
  • We believe in Life
  • We believe in Family
  • We believe in Service
  • We believe in the Identity of the Christian Faith Community
  • We believe in Commitment to Our Neighbor
  • We believe in Integral Education
  • We believe in the Study of the Christian Religion

ChancellorChancellor’s Message

The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Campus, represents the best private educational alternative in the country. Through the years, our Institution has served the community of the northwest area with quality and professionalism. It has an excellent and committed faculty. Its varied academic offer, the financial aid it provides, the latest technological infrastructure and the constant support for our student community make our Campus the best academic alternative in the northwest area.

At the Inter Aamerican University we are one big family. We invite you to be part of it.

Dr. Élie Agésilas, Chancellor
Inter Aguadilla


Postal Address:
PO Box 20000
Aguadilla, PR 00605

Phisical Address:
Road PR-459 Int. 463
Bo. Corales Sector Calero
Aguadilla, PR 00605

Main: (787) 891-0925
Enrollment Management: (787) 931-0931
University Guard: (787) 931-0837

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