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Important Information for Proctor

The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Campus, appreciates very much your service as a proctor of one of our students.  Please follow these instructions when you proctor an online test:

Before starting the test:

  • The proctor should not be family, friend or have any other relationship with the student.
  • Schedule with the student the date and time you will administer the test.
  • You will receive by e-mail the necessary information and passwords for the test.
  • On test date, ask the student for photo ID.
  • The student should take the test only at proctor’s working place. No other place.

Getting started for the test:

  • The Inter American University of Puerto Rico uses Blackboard Vista to provide online courses.  A student enrolled in an online course has an ID number, which is used to enter the course with a password. When the student takes a proctored test, he/she will log into the online course and select the link for the exam.  The test will require a password. The proctor is responsible to enter the password for the test and under any circumstance should not give it to the student. Remember that all passwords are “case sensitive”.  After the password is entered, the student may start the test.
  • The student must be informed of professor’s instructions.

While the student is taking the test: